What are Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelet is just a fashion statement which came into existence in a very peculiar manner. Initially it didn’t boast any new engineering technique    but lately it has become a fashion statement.

Genesis of Tennis bracelet

The term “tennis bracelets” has acquired a meaning different from what one would associate with two words tennis and bracelets. It does not refer to the wrist bands normally worn by tennis players. The name has been in vogue for last 25 years or so and has its origin in a tennis court. The present meaning of the term is a bracelet inlaid with a string of precious diamonds, normally called a diamond bracelet. It was worn by a renowned women tennis player named Chris Evert. She used to wear this bracelets while playing matches at big events. The bracelet got broken during one of her matches giving it wide publicity and since then the jewelry has come to be termed as tennis bracelets.

Tennis Bracelets as a style statement

Tennis bracelets are worn by the well-off people when they attend parties and other formal events. The bracelet is constructed using gold, or equally costly metal. The diamonds are set inside on the inner lining of the bracelet and are held together by a string. The bracelet is not a closed one like a bangle but open at the ends to be closed by the use of a clasp. A bracelet is not very tightly worn and therefore the wearer can move about without discomfort. If different types of stones are used, the bracelet is called tennis style bracelet. International Tennis sensation Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have readily embraced tennis bracelets as their style statement. 

Types of tennis bracelets

A real gold or diamond bracelet can be quite expensive. After the experience of the tennis player, tennis bracelets these days are made with safety latches. Te usual clasp of any bracelet consists of a metal latch and a hook which can be well. As a precaution and as a safety measure an extra latch is fitted and these latches come in two different versions. One is a chain and the other is the figure 8. The chain connects one end to the other side of the main clasp. It ensures that even if the clasp breaks the chain holds the bracelet intact for some time. The figure 8 is a double loop made of precious metal. One loop is connected on one side of the clasp and the other connected to the opposite side. The figure 8 keeps the bracelet from falling off in the event of the main clasp giving up.

Tennis bracelets are not worn loose like a bangle or tight like a wrist watch. In fact, it should be snug fit at the wrist with enough space between the wrist and inside of the bracelet for a finger to pass through. Since wrists are of different sizes the best way to ensure a correct fitting is to get it custom made. Bracelet’s cost varies with the gold and diamond and the quality of stones used. However, these precious strings have become one of the fundamental style statement. 

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