What Are the Benefits of Travel by Rail

The airline network has been increased substantially in last few years. Now flights are available in all major routes; but still the railway of each country is the main carrier of each and every country. Millions of people are traveling by rail each and every day. Why people still prefer to travel by rail, when there is a great hype about the airlines? Let us throw spotlight on the benefits of railway travel.

  • The fare of railway is much lower than that of the flight and this is the greatest advantage of rail journey. One can travel a great distance spending very few bucks. The population of middle class people is much more than that of rich people and it is still difficult for a middle or lower middle class person to afford a flight ticket. Railway is the only alternative for a person, who can’t afford a flight ticket.
  • In some countries, bullet trains have been introduced. These trains are travelling in a lightning fast speed. In fact, these trains are travelling at a speed, which is almost equal to the speed of flight. The cost of the travelling through bullet trains is a bit lower than that of airlines; so, people are going for the bullet train, where those are available. The journey through bullet trains is safer than that of airlines. This is also a reason; people are showing interest in bullet trains.
  • The area covered by railway network is far more than that of the airlines. Flights are only available in between major cities only, whereas rails are available in between each and every city. Even the tiniest cities of the world are connected with the other cities through railway network. If a person wants to travel to a place to where no flight is available. Then, there is only one option left in front of him or her and that is of rail. If a person wants to navigate in or around any particular city, then he or she certainly can’t do that with any other means, than the rail or bus. In this case, people prefer rail over the bus because of the same thing. Rail fare is lower than that of the buses and at the same time, railway journey is more comfortable than the bus journey.
  • When people travel from one city to another city for vacation purpose, then they choose railway instead of flights, in most of the cases. A person can reach at any place in a jiffy, if he or she opts for the flights; then why he or she chooses rail? It is because, if you are choosing the flight, then you are going to miss the landscapes. However, you will enjoy that if you are choosing railway. 
  • It is a very good and adventures expereince for kids. They are able to see the outers of various cities. And by travelling they come to know more about the stations that comes in between, hence its a pratical geographic knowledge that they gain.

Last but not thye least is you get a good amount of to spend with you family and a great way to interact with other people.