What are the Benefits of Work Experience

Work experience benefits both employers and employees. Work experience is the most important factor that decides the employee’s employment with any organization. The same is with the employer as well; any company would want to hire the best of the best work force with greater amount of experience. Having said that it does not mean that the organization would not hire fresher’s, these days companies are hiring students during these last semester which gives them hands on experience before they are actually hired for the job. Hence this shows that work experience is very important from the view point of employer as well as employee.

Let’s see some important benefits of work experience.

  • Having work experience will make an employee more confident and will have an edge over other candidates.
  • It also helps the employees in making the right decisions at the managerial level.
  • It actually enhances the profile of the prospective candidates.
  • It helps in networking with other firms based on past experiences.

Work experience in students has their own benefits:

  • In students it may lead to permanent job based on their performance in internship period.
  • It helps them in checking out different career options.
  • It helps in bridging the breach between study time and work experience.
  • Students can earn money while working part time, some company’s pay for part time work.
  • This kind of exposure helps the students in getting references for future employment.

Whatever type of work experience it is it all depends how the employee uses them at the work place. The organization also has a great task in getting the right kind of experienced people for the right job. Though the benefits of work experience are a boon to the employees, they are also put through the same process of recruitment. But they have an upper hand when compared to less experienced candidates. Having highly experienced staff helps the firm to complete its critical projects on time.

In order to get the best experienced resource the organizations can link themselves to good universities in training the students as per their process so that they can also absorb them into the payroll. The organization need to tap on the proper experience at time of interviewing them. Today’s firm has designed something called On the Job training. Though this kind of training is for a short period but it holds the same experience benefit as a full time job. The same holds good for part time jobs as well, since experience certificate is provided to all these kinds of short experience.

Since competition is increasing in today’s business, these firms are also on the look out for experienced candidates who can be placed in work process with less training which is a huge cost saving method of recruitment for any organization.