What Are the Best Human Resources Practices

Human resource is one department which has a great task in its globe, which is work force management. This deals with people from different back ground and behaviors. Human resource has from time to time updated its activities to manage staff effectively and efficiently. Amongst various practices we have summarized the best practices which suits today’s trends in managing human capital as per the company’s objectives.

Working environment: this practice takes the first place, since it is the environment in which they are working makes them comfortable. Thus this place must be made happy, safe and healthy. The employees consider their office next to home so a friendly ambience must be created for them.

Management style: an open book management style is the best for any organization. This is also called as workers participation in management, sharing information about new contracts, policies and management objectives makes the employee excited towards the company goals. This kind of management style also helps in motivating the employees.

Performance management system: a 360 degree performance appraisal method is most welcome, because it solicits feedback from subordinates to seniors to peers. This kind of appraisal method also helps an organization to identify future leaders. The positive fact about this system is that seniors consider this feedback to improve their attitude and for self development.

Rational appraisal system: a system should be established clearly which links individual performance to business goals. Every employee should have a well defined hierarchy which he or she is aware of. The appraisal becomes rational only if it is based on constant analysis of the achievement of employees and providing them feedback from time to time.

Knowledge sharing: this practice is fast catching up in today’s business. Whenever an employee is trained on certain skills and competencies, his or her knowledge should be shared with the other employees. This knowledge can be stored in the company’s database for future reference for the employees.

Focus performers: the company may go in for displaying top ten performers of the organization annually through company’s intranet, thereby creating competitive environment in an organization. This will encourage other employees to compete with them in performing well.

Open discussion and feedback: the company can organize a open house once a quarter to know what the employees are thinking about and also encourage feedback from them. Such kind of practices helps the organization to know if they are moving on the right track.

Rewarding employees for exemplary performance: rewarding your employee for extra ordinary performance makes them understand that are recognized. These rewards may be in the form of appreciation certificate or cash rewards or both.