What are the Best Kind of Artificial Nails for Me

There are different types of nails such as acrylic nails, wraps, gel nails and press on nails. There are different types of nails apart from these, which differ from location to location, with wide variety of materials in many shapes and sizes. In this article, you will find information on major types of nails used everywhere. This article would help the readers to choose between which types of nails are best for them.

Nowadays, the artificial nails look so real and good that no one can tell the difference between the real and the artificial. These nails are stronger than the natural nails but you need to take a lot of care while using theses nails. These nails are very delicate compared to natural nails in terms of uses. Thus, while wearing these nails one should not use tools and do some other laborious or difficult work.

Acrylic Nails
These mails are the most popular kind of artificial nails. They are available in all the saloons and beauty shops. These have been in use for a long time. Their durability is very high and they are much affordable compared to others. They are very safe and do not damage the natural nail if applied properly. The major problem is that the nails become weak if not handled properly. Anyone who wears these nails has to trim down his/her natural nail before wearing the acrylic nail and there are chances that the natural nail become yellow and brittle.  

Gel Nails
Gel nails are more expensive in terms of maintenance, but their appearance is more natural compared to any artificial nails. Their look is more clear and shiny. These are safe and do not leave any odour compared to any other nails especially acrylic nails. These are little tough in removing as the person has to let the natural nail grow so that they can cut down the gel nails.

You can use nail wraps to repair broken nails. Their major use is to strengthen the natural nails. People usually use them as extensions. They are not as durable as others are but require very less maintenance. Removing wraps sometimes turns out to be a difficult task.

Press- Ons
Press-Ons nails are ones that you find in your local departmental store. They are very easy to put and they can be quickly put over any other type of nails. They are the most inexpensive types of nails. They are very easy to put thus it is not necessary to seek an expert’s assistance. Press-ons lasts until the person want them to wear it, but they give a fake look, depending upon the quality of the product.

One should always take care of their Artificial Nails and never rip them off as this can cause an injury.