What Are the Best Tips for Running Races

Running races is a usual activity for the young athletes as it increases the strength of their legs as well as their stamina but it should be performed carefully because a wrong move can cause you sprain or injury. Races are organized in every season, summers or winters, but running races can be safe if performed on the basis of certain guidance tips. You can perform much better if you run an injury free race. 

Tips for running races

  • Gradual increase in the speed: You should increase your speed of running by and by, say 5 to 10 percent every week because over-stressing in increasing the speed may cost you dearer. Your muscles may get over stretched to give you a painful feeling.
  • Go easy during training: You can release the stress of gradual increase of the speed by cutting the run after 3 or 4 weeks to give rest to the muscles and tender spots that are feeling stress after that much of training.
  • Warming up and cooling down strategy: Warming up exercises like jogging, fast walking, squats and lunges and dynamic stretches are the best options before running a race as they will improve your mobility. Similarly cooling down exercises like light jogging, walking and stretches are also essential after the race which may relax your stressed muscles.
  • Mix the training with other activities: This process will let you recover your body from excessive stress from running. You can go for cycling, swimming, hiking etc. to recover your body besides keeping up the fitness of your body. Pilates and yoga can also be the options in this line as they will help you in keeping you body fit as well as efficient to run in better way.
  • Remain strong: Athletes must remain strong and fit and should continue to be so at any time even in the days of mix training. You should adopt resistance training to remain strong which may add to your efficiency, strength, power and posture to improve your running.
  • Stick to your plans: you should make a plan to carry on practice daily and stick to it for getting used to before the actual competition.
  • Plan gaps between races: You should plan for some gap between two races if you are going to attempt more than one race continuously. You should smartly manage your body as well as soul for the next race.
  • Shape your self before the race: Shaping yourself is a strategic move to be adopted before the competition as it can not be achieved immediately. You must follow various steps discussed above to keep yourself in perfect shape to win the competition.
  • Take enough sleep: You should ample and sound sleep at night as it can help you in recovering from the stresses and strains of the race.
  • Understanding your own body: You should work out according to the position of your body. Take a break if it is not feeling well. Do not over do with it.

Thus, these tips can be sufficient, if followed perfectly, for running races to win.