What are the Best Warm Gloves

Gloves are a form of garment which is used to cover hands and thus give them protection from either elements or chemicals and other harmful things which can cause harm to the skin. Gloves have been worn by humans for over 2500 years. There are different forms in which gloves can be found. These can come in fabric for protection against warm winds or sun, in latex where these are used by doctors to prevent infection during medical procedures, in leather for driving or riding and in combination of leather and fur or other man made materials for protection from the extreme cold conditions.

In this article we will only discuss gloves which are used for protection from the cold and we will try and find out which ones are the best for keeping hands worm. Now for keeping hands warm, different kinds of gloves are available in the markets depending on the location, the degree of cold and availability of materials. The variation of hand gloves is the mittens which is a little different from the gloves in the manner that though the gloves have holes for different fingers while the mittens have only one hole for the thumb and one for rest of the fingers. The fingers together in one hole tend to keep the hands warmer. This is a favorite with mothers who always dress their children with mittens to ensure better protection. IT can be also be seen from the fact that explorers on the polar expeditions also use mittens for protection. This settles the design part of gloves.

Second part which is important to ensure that hands keep warm is the choice of material that is used for making the gloves. Leather gives adequate protection again the wind, so do the man made materials which completely block the wind. Woolen gloves give adequate protection in mild winder as they do not stop the wind. So an ideal warm glove for winters has to stop the wind from getting in, prevent water from seeping in and also keep the hands warm. Another factor for warmth is addition of layers to the gloves. So adding a lining of warm cashmere wool makes them warmer. For tough exterior usage the best gloves will be gloves with thick leather or thick man made waterproof material with a thick wool or fu lining on the inside. These will ensure adequate protection in extreme cold situations. Most places wont have such extreme cold situations throughout to year so it is best to have two to three pairs of gloves for different temperatures.

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