What are the Causes of Jaw Pain

There can be many reasons which can result in jaw pains. One of the main reasons for jaw pain can be overuse of jaw muscles. Excessive use of them can result into severe jaw pains. Clinching or grinding teeth while sleeping is also one of the main reasons of jaw pain. This is called bruxism. There can be many other causes for jaw pains which are:

Loosening of teeth A straight blow on the jaw area Stiffness of the lips Swollen and painful gums Spasms Sepsis Sinus infection can also result in jaw pain Arthritis Temporomandibular joint disorder can possible cause pain in jaw joint

All the above mentioned causes can be responsible for pain in jaw joint. These causes can be secondary or primary. Primary causes are those which are related to jaw only and the pain originates from the jaw itself. Secondary causes are those which originate from other parts of the body. If you feel horrible pain, then you must see a doctor as he/she only will be able to tell you the actual cause of the jaw pain. Jaw pain can be well treated if medical attention is properly taken. You must see a dentist first whenever you feel pain in the jaw. He/she will try to diagnose the problem. If the problem is dental related then he/she will give you the appropriate treatment depending on the cause of the problem like he can suggest you to yawn without opening the mouth too widely, or he can suggest you to eat very soft food or to take liquid only which will reduce the pressure on your jaw joints. If the problem is not dental then he/she will suggest you to see the other doctor. This pain can be very annoying so it is better to take medical advice as soon as possible. There are some of the home remedies which you can try for mild jaw pain. You can take a pain reliever to reduce the pain and the discomfort caused to that pain. Try giving your jaw joints some rest. If you have swollen gums, then you place a slice of potato on it. It will reduce the swelling. A hand massage can also help you out of this problem. These remedies should be tried only when you have mild pain. If it is too severe to tolerate then you must check with a doctor as jaw pain can create many other problems too.

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