What are the Causes Vertigo

Vertigo is a feeling that you are about to fall. It is the feeling of the spinning. The feeling that you are moving is called subjective vertigo and the perception that surroundings are moving then it is called objective vertigo. There is a thin line between normal dizziness and vertigo. Vertigo is a serious and persistent condition. There are two types of vertigo: Peripheral Vertigo and Central Vertigo. Peripheral Vertigo is a severe type of vertigo which is the imbalance of the inner ear and Central Vertigo is caused due to lesions in the brainstem. Vertigo feeling may lasts for several days, weeks or even months. In Sanskrit, Vertigo is called Bhrama. The following symptoms may be possible during vertigo attack:

A feeling that everything around is moving Loss of balance Nausea Vomiting Blurred vision Headache Tiredness, sleepiness, weakness A feeling that you are about to faint

Vertigo can be caused due to many reasons. One of the main reasons can be Labyrinthitis. It can be caused due to a viral or a bacterial infection. It is the inflammation of the inner ear, which is characterized by the sudden onset of vertigo and can also be associated with hearing loss. Another reason can be Meniere’s disease which includes ringing in ears and hearing loss. BBPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional vertigo) is also one of the main causes of vertigo. It usually occurs in elderly patients. A direct blow to the head can cause this condition which can lead to ear damage, infection or some other kind of problem which in turn causes vertigo. Other reasons can be:

Viral illness like common cold can cause vertigo Anemia and migraine Cardiovascular disorders or low blood pressure may cause vertigo Brain tumors Certain neck ailments and head accidents can also cause vertigo Dehydration

One of the easiest ways to remember other causes of vertigo is to use the mnemonic AEIOU TIPS:

A- Alcohol E- Epilepsy or Exposure I- insulin O- overdose or oxygen deficiency U- Uremia T- Trauma I- Infection P- Poisoning S- Stroke

Vertigo should be treated as soon as possible or it can result into serious problems. Home remedies should only be tried if you are already under medical supervision otherwise you first see a doctor. The doctor after diagnosing the cause of vertigo will give you the treatment accordingly.

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