What are the Components of Blood

Have you ever wondered what blood is? Unless you have undergone with a serious injury or have donated blood, you don’t dare to think much about it. But do you know that blood is a fluid which is flowing in your whole body. Let’s gain information about it in detail.

Blood basically is a red colored fluid that is responsible for the supply of nutrients and other vital minerals to all our body cells. Gaining knowledge about the blood will help you in understanding what your doctor is talking and trying to explain you. Blood consists of two things – plasma and cells. Blood is responsible for the propagation of both waste products and other essential nutrients. Heart is responsible for the pumping of blood through veins, arteries and capillaries. An average adult human body contains about 5 liters of blood. You will be surprised to know that only blood amounts to about 7 to 8 percent of body weight.

Plasma is responsible for providing the fluidity to blood. Along with the various types of blood cells, various essential nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes, clotting factors, immunoglobulin, albumin and carious hormones. All these substances are circulated in all our body parts as plasma circulates throughout the body. Our blood carries so many vital nutrients and this is the reason that excess blood loss can lead to dangerous situations.

Now talking about the cellular portion of the blood cells, it consists of three blood cells called platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. RBCs are responsible for the transmission of oxygen from the lungs; white blood cells act as our immunity shield and thus help our body in fighting any infection. Platelets help us in clotting of blood whenever there is any leakage.

Our blood is produced by the bones present in our body.  In kids, almost all the bones contribute in the formation of blood. But as we grow up, only some of the bones are left with this responsibility. Such bones include breastbone, pelvis, spine (vertebrae) ribs, legs and the other small parts of our upper arm.  Bone marrow is the part of the bone which participates in the formation of blood. Active bone marrow which has the capability of producing blood is called red marrow and which lacks this capability is called yellow marrow. Hematopoiesis is the process by which blood is produced.

This was all about the blood – essential fluid in the body. Next time, when you will talk with doctor, you would be able to catch up what he is referring to.