What Are the Different Bob Hairstyles

Choosing a perfect hairstyle, while you consider going for a change in looks, is one of those toughest and risky decisions that elude most of the women. There are times when you try out a gorgeous hairstyle, but yet it turns out to be flop due to the maintenance factors that is originally required for that particular hair cut. There are also times when you try to mimic the hairstyle of somebody else, which finally looks pathetic on you for reasons that, the kind of texture and size of your hair along with your facial features are exactly opposite to what such a hairstyle you have chosen requires. Thus always consider factors of your hair texture, the length that would suit you the best, the shape of you face and finally what suits you the best in practical life before going for a hairdo.

The bob hairstyle is one of those timeless styles which was created first in 1920’s and has been always in fashion since then. A hairstyle is classified as a bob if the cut is such that, a weighted portion of the hair falls just below the ear and go anywhere just below the chin. Among the various hair styles, bob hairstyle has always been in trend primarily due to its versatility and also because of the fact that they can be given to almost all face shapes and texture of hair making it a all time classic hairstyle. One of the best things about a bob hairstyle is that they are self-styling by just falling into shape and stay for long the same way and not to forget, with less efforts.

Here are some important styling tips for those who are considering going for a bob hairstyle. The most popular bob hairstyle is the single length cut which is done by giving straight lines without bangs and cut with chin length sides with short underlayers. There are various kinds of bob hairstyle which could be given depending on the face shape and natural hair texture.

  • For somebody with a round face shape, try to keep your bob little longer with choppy layers and avoid curls and waves and also straight across bangs.
  • Women with square shape face, try on softer smoother lines along with side-swept bangs. Even bobs longer through the front side area will suit you, but avoid going for blunt bobs which generally gives heavy bangs resulting in accentuating the squareness of your face.
  • Here’s a tip for diamond face shape. Wavy bobs and straight across bangs will suit you the best. For oblong face, chin length bob looks great and oval shape can be given almost any kind of bob which will suit.
  • Short bobs can be styled in many ways and here are three normal short bob styles which would be of use for you to consider. A simple short bob has a classic look where the hair falls just about the chin level and the tips are curled to follow the jaw line. A short bob with fringe looks stylish with hair again about the chin level with sloping edges. A short bob with volume and flipped edges which gives volume at the crown and the front slightly swept over the face and most importantly the ends are flipped out rather than pointing towards the face.
  • A medium bob is also another preferred option which could be either a blunt choppy bob or a classic A –line bob. These medium bobs are safe which keeps your cut not too short and still gives that hot look which brings the spot light on to you.

Bob has been an all time favorite hairstyle and has taken the status of a classic style because people love wearing a bob for the style it offers is plain and not square, short and still variable.