What Are the Different Types of Calf Strengthening Exercises

Exercise is generally good for body and that is something that we all know. However, most people do not think of exercising specific parts of the body until they have to. There are two instances when you would have to work to strengthen your calf. The first would definitely be hen you are an athlete. It is  extremely important to have good limbs and calves when you are involved in that kind of physical work therefore all kinds of sports specially acrobatics, running, tennis, squash, badminton and many others require that you are in the best shape. The second instance could be when you are encountered with an unfortunate circumstance such as an accident and the area of your leg has been hurt: then it becomes very important to work on calf specific exercises so that you can maintain or regain your mobility. Apart from these two things, you should try to keep exercising so that you stay fit and healthy and are therefore able to allow the life to its very fullest. To help you out here are some really great exercises that will keep your calves fit, strong and healthy.

The first exercise that we would recommend for you would be lunges. Now lunges are a great way of keeping fit and healthy. This is a simple yet effective exercises. All that you need to do is stand straight and then put your feet apart, keeping your right leg to a right angle to your body and the other one stretched back. Now simply move up and down and you will be flexing your calf muscles and help them grow stronger. Switch the leg after a while. This exercise is particularly a good idea for people who have bad knees. Many exercises that are related to the calf can be stressing for such people but the good thing about lunges is that it does not put a lot of pressure on your knees so even those that have problematic knees can carry on safely with this.

Another really good exercise for the calves is Heel Raise. This is an exercise simple in its essence and the best thing is that it won’t attack much attention from passers by. Simply stand so that the width between your legs is more than the shoulder width, place your hands square on your hips and then lean up to stand on your toes, and then relax. So literally, you raise your heel and put it back. You should do this atleast 40 times in a row. This simple exercise will help calves a lot.