What are the Different Types of Camcorders

Camcorder is a portable device, which is used in order to make videos along with sound. Camcorders are available since 1980’s and hence they are immensely popular. Still images are even so popular as well, but having a video of an event is a better option, hence more and more people are buying camcorders these days. Camcorders started with VHS as its video and audio storage mode, but now there are lots of different types of storage devices which one can use as per his requirement. Camcorders are now categorized based on the formats, which they use in order to store moving pictures or by their storage mechanism.

Mini DV and DVD Camcorders Making Their Ancestors Proud

After large tapes got extinct Mini DV camcorders took its place and they are still available in the market in bits. They were known to provide high quality videos as the video recorded on the tape is uncompressed. But the drawback comes when you want to edit these tapes. Thus now we have the revolutionary DVD camcorder which writes directly on the DVD. The quality of digital camcorders is far better than their previous ancestors and hence they got popular quite quickly. DVD camcorders are best for instant playing as you can take out the DVD put it in your DVD player and watch your video instantly.

HDD and Flash Memory Camcorders

HDD camcorders have hard disk drives which are used in order to store the video which you shoot. These camcorders are available in both high definitions as well as standard definitions; hence take precaution to select HD as it is the upcoming trend and it will stay for a while in the market. These camcorders are available in 30 GB to 250 GB space hence you can buy them as per your requirement. Flash Memory camcorders are also available these days and hence you can buy them if you want a more stable camcorder.

Other Camcorders Available in Market Today

There are other different types of camcorders available in the market these days. Some of them are combo models and pocket camcorders. Combo camcorders have combined storage formats hence you can switch between different types of storage modes as per your requirement plus you get different formats of video in one device. These camcorders are also referred to as hybrid camcorders. Pocket camcorder is a very compact camcorder which comes with storage devices such as non removable flash, internal or removable memory cards. They are available in HD these days thus their quality is unmatched, plus they are compact and can be carried easily. These camcorders are one of the best camcorders available today as they are cheap and they come in high definition.