What Are the Different Types of Deficiency Diseases

Deficiency diseases occur mainly due to deficiency in food. This means the food that is taken every day should consist of rich vitamins and proteins such as milk, bread, meat, fruits, vegetables and other dairy products. Since all the natural foods are highly rich in protein, enough quantity of meal that includes fresh vegetables, meat and fruits will surely keep you away from deficiency diseases.

Therefore, it is always recommended to include a meal that consists of natural foods which are a complete source of health. Whenever there is lack of attention to proper meal, it is likely to result in development of deficiency diseases which includes anemia, beriberi, rickets and other minor illnesses.  

For all age group of people, deficiency can occur which is why health experts are always recommending natural diet such as milk and egg which is healthy source to prevent deficiency diseases. Especially iron deficiency, calcium deficiency or vitamin deficiency can surely cause loss of health and at this stage it is important to include both vitamin supplements and nutritive diet until good results in health are achieved.

Further fasting should be avoided if the person is anemic and particularly women who are in postnatal care or in retirement stage must take regular food that consists of all nutrients.

Deficiency of protein will further result in slow growth and also in releasing the side effects such as low resistance and feeling weak and low and such other health problems. Therefore it is always advised to maintain a good diet chart and follow it on a regular basis. For instance if your breakfast consists of boiled eggs, bread and fruit juice add a glass of milk also for early in the morning.

According to your work schedule and your BMI you must take a proportion of highly nutritive food that will keep your health. If you experience any weakness or low in energy, you must immediately check your work schedule at work place and at home and must give a thorough check about your food and then consider a the advice of a good health expert or dietician to recover from lack of deficiency.

All the natural remedies that you implement in your diet chart such as by including fresh fruits and vegetables will ensure quick recovery and will further give you good health. There will no longer be any deficiency and you are protected from deficiency diseases always.