What Are the Different Types of European Cruises

Europe is the smallest continent in the Northern Hemisphere. But that does not prevent it from being one of the largest hubs for tourists and travelers. Millions of tourists from Asia, USA and other countries like to visit Europe and its famous historic landmarks. These and the grandiose museums and art galleries are popular tourist destinations. The cities like London, Paris and Dusseldorf have also become famous destinations for shopaholics. People love to revisit history and legends with the monuments like the Colosseum and the Tower of London. They also like to shop around in the busy streets.

So, some people are wondering what is the best way to reach Europe? Some would like quick flights. But a more elaborate way is to take a cruise. This cruise would take you via the sea and river routes to the different parts and regions of the continent. You can also stop in at intervals and explore the countries better and more leisurely. So, here is a guide at some of the best European cruises for the tourists. 

One of the most popular European cruises is the Mediterranean Sea Cruise. This cruise takes the route of the beautiful and pristine Mediterranean Sea. Your cruise will drop anchor first in any of the countries of France, Italy and Spain. You can visit any of the landmarks in these places. In the Mediterranean Cruise, you can go further to more exotic destinations like Turkey, Portugal and also Greece. So, the Mediterranean Cruise gives you a splendid chance to explore all the best and scenic sights in the hot spots of the continent. It would be a good option for the tourists from all over the world.

For a more enriching experience of European history, it would be better if you choose for the North European Cruise. This cruise takes the route of the water bodies like the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the British Isles. You can step down on the English shores and the Scottish highlands. This will allow you to explore the famous castles and historic landmarks of the North European countries. There are also museums and art galleries to check out. You can also see some of the most spectacular waterfronts in the British Isles and the Baltic Sea fronts as well. This is a rather exotic ride through lesser known lands and waters. You can learn a lot.

Finally, there is Western European Cruise. This cruise follows the path of the English Channel and the fierce Atlantic Ocean. The cruise docks up at countries like Netherlands, Germany and France. These are also some of the fascinating places in the whole of Europe. You can visit its famous historical spots and its cultural sights as well. There are also the bustling and busy cities to look out for. So, these places will be worth visiting in the cruise. Also, you can look for the action in Europe’s biggest port, the city of Hamburg. Here, you can witness some of the largest maritime traffic in the world.