What are the Different Types of Eye Makeup

Makeup of the face of a woman is essential for enhancing her beauty and at the side of this makeup of eyes is something more important of her because it is the makeup of eyes that is noticed by most the people meeting them at any occasion. You can augment a unique look to your face as well as eyes according to the time and occasion of wearing it. It is you to consider the reason of change to your looks either to hide something from others, boost up certain special features or creating some fantasy, which you can do very easily by using several simple and precise techniques of eye makeup, as per the need and shape of your eyes. Eye makeup can widely by divided into two styles: usual daily style and special occasional style. Eye makeup can also be grouped as daytime makeup and night makeup, which can precisely be differentiated by the use of dark and light colored makeup materials.

Daily wear eye makeup style

The daily wear makeup for eyes has some nominal techniques which are used to make them look attractive and precise. It is applied as per the looks of the eyes as under:

  • Natural makeup look of the eyes: Such type of makeup is used in the daytime with natural shades and skin toned colors to make it look naturally characterized which may not attract the attention of onlookers precisely.
  • Dramatic makeup look of the eyes: Such type of daily wear eye makeup is to be used in the evening time to attract others as it applied to be attraction of the occasion. It needs bright shades and colors on the eyelids with natural shades on the surrounding areas to make them precise and attractive.

Special occasion eye makeup style

The eye makeup for special occasions should be done to make them center of attraction on some special occasion which can be done by using some special techniques and effects on the surrounding area on the face. It can further be divided into Emo eye makeup style and Retro eye makeup style. 

  • Emo eye makeup style: This fashionable and musical style of eye makeup includes bold and dark colors, eyeliners and mascara which are used to make them center of attraction. These dark eyes on sunken and pale face evolve the looks very much precisely on special occasions with minimum makeup on rest of the face to communicate shy effect on the face.
  • Retro eye makeup style: In this makeup style for special occasions lips are also painted with dark colors alongwith Emo styled makeup to make them inviting the onlookers with a touchy and sensitive effect on the face.

Thus, different types of eye makeup are used by the women, of every standard and status as per the latest trends and as per the occasion to wear them because eyes are the first point where every onlooker focuses on to admire the beauty of a woman.  

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