What Are the Different Types of Haircuts

In how many ways the hair of a person can be cut? There is no definite answer to this particular question. However, if you count the number of different types of haircuts, then you would find hundreds of them, may not be hundreds of thousands of them.

Haircuts can be divided into two different types in a broad way; haircuts of males and haircuts of females. Haircuts for men are different from those of the females. A particular haircut, which is meant for male cannot be implemented, in case of females and vice versa.

In most of the case, new style haircuts are flaunted by celebrities. They have very skilful hair designers by their side. The hair designers do new style of haircuts, in case of the celebrities, movie stars in most of the cases. The movie stars flaunt the new haircuts in the movies and other promotional activities. Then, general people follow the new haircuts of the celebrities. When a new haircut is showcased by any famous celebrity, people emulate the haircut, round the world. That particular haircut stays in fashion, till a new haircut hit the market. Generally, any new haircut doesn’t stay in fashion for a long period of time. If a particular haircut stays for a year, then that is a great honor for that particular haircut.

However, there are few haircuts, which are existing in this planet since a very long period of time. Let us discuss about some of those versatile haircuts. Ponytail is probably the most famous haircut of the world. It is present here since a very long time and people are still going to have pony tails. In case of pony tail, a person binds her hair with the help of a rubber band on the back. This is a very simple hair cut but this looks good in case of the female. However, males also prefer to have pony tails. But if a male wants to have pony tail, then he has to grow her hair longer than the usual length.

Girls having extra long hair comb that in a criss cross manner and put a rubber band at the bottom of the hair to keep it in a bunch. This style is also famous and widely practiced. In African sub-continent, girls having small hairs also do the same thing with their hair but they do it in a very subtle manner. They do the criss cross in a more subtle and artistic manner. You can see this type of hair style not in case of African males but in case of African males also. There is another hair style which is quite popular among the males and that is no hair on the head.