What Are the Different Types of Hiking Equipment

Do you like hiking? If you do, then you would know that any hike is quite an adventure. You will have to choose a trail through the woods and wilderness. You can also go for solitary hikes where you can choose and set your own trail and path. Or you can go for unconventional hikes like trips through the woods and mountains looking for water falls and scenic sights. But whatever you do, you should not forget to carry your essential equipment along. There are different types of hiking trips and you should carry the right equipment that would work well for your particular hiking tour. So, here is a look at the types of hiking equipment.

Most of the hiking trips are those, which would require you to camp for the night. Such trips are also known as overnight hikes. For any overnight trip, the tents and sleeping bags are a must. You should also carry some important facilities like an efficient stove for cooking and a torch. Get a nice backpack to keep books, games and your cameras. It is also important to wear good shoes when you are going on overnight hiking trips.

But overnight hiking tours can lead you anywhere from waterfalls to any destination that you decide. Some hikers also like to climb the mountains and hills. Such type of adventure is known as scrambling. The scramblers need to have some mountain climbing tools like pickaxes and crowbars. They would also need to wear sturdy yet comfortable shoes or boots when scaling such sky-high heights. Also, carry enough water bottles. Wear warm clothes, if you are thinking of scaling some snow-capped mountain peak. Such simple things will make up your hiking equipment.

In most of the hiking tours, the equipment would consist of such bare essentials. However, there is also something known as navigation equipment. This would consist of maps, compasses, guides and manuals. These would be really important when backpacking through the wilderness. In case you are lost or cannot find a way out of woods, use your compasses and maps to know where you are and where you should head next. With the latest technology smart phones and mobile phones, you can know it all with GPS systems and digital compasses. So, carry them along to find your way out of trouble.

Some people also like to take their pet dogs along in their hikes and lonely trails. Such type of adventure is known as dog hiking. Sure, you would carry every kind of equipment for yourself. But think about your pet as well. Even he or she would like to stay comfortable. You can bring along some of the dog food and also a bowl to feed him, when you have set the camp. You can also take a rug or even an improvised kennel for him to sleep, when it is cold and windy in the woods. So, you can do all such things when you are on a hike alone, with friends or maybe together with your beloved pet dog.