What are the Different Types of Mouse Traps

Have you ever heard a story about a boy and a mouse that went on to be his best friend? Well, in that story, the mouse is eventually killed in a mouse trap set by the boy’s father. Have you seen those hilarious Tom and Jerry cartoons? The hero is the witty and quick witted mouse Jerry, who always outwits the cat Tom. But in reality, mice and rodents are not as cute or loveable as these characters. They spread diseases like bubonic plague and rabies. Even the more domestic mice will burrow holes in the walls and hidden spaces in your house.

Do you know that mice are also carriers of germs like the salmonellosis and Hantavirus? These germs may end up ruining the food stored in cupboards and shelves. They also cause some serious diseases. You should take some drastic and immediate action against the mice and other rodents. And for this purpose, nothing works better than a good mousetrap. So, know all about the most reliable types of mousetraps, which could suit you fine.

If you have seen enough of the Tom and Jerry reruns, you would know that snap traps are the most convenient option. These traps seal a quick and immediate fate for the rodents. A snap trap will come with a springy mechanism on one end. On the other end, there will be bait for the mice. Mice love cheese. But you can make the trap work doubly better with chocolate or nuts. The mice would try to get at it and the metal spiked trap will close down on him in instant. It is quick, unfailing and really reliable for tough times.

The next type of trap is known as the glue trap. The name serves it well. The snap traps simply kill the mice with one flip. However, the glue trap will hold the mouse hostage. The glue trap comes with some common adhesive and glue. The mouse will be held and it will eventually die by starvation or dehydration. You can also go, remove and throw out the mouse. The glue trap’s advantage is that it does not involve any risk for the children. It is much better than laying traps with bits of rodenticides and rat poison. The little toddlers and pups could be in danger with such traps.

Finally, I would like to say something about the electric mouse traps. These traps have the most simple and functional mechanism. In any normal situation, electrocution could take place with a wrong circuit connection. The wires will be arranged on the doorways and entrances of the mouse burrows and holes. When any mouse steps on the system, it will be instantly electrocuted. So, next to snap traps, electric mousetraps are also a good option for ridding your house from the menace of mice and other rodents.


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