What are the Different Types of Nail Polish

With the immense growth in the world of cosmetics and fashion, women have become more concerned about making themselves attractive in all possible ways. Every body part is concentrated on, not withholding the nails too. In fact it is believed that nails could represent one’s personality. This is one of the reasons that there started the trend of nail polishes and they definitely added glamour to the nails.

Since long, women have been using polishes merely for attraction and to add beauty to nails. But with time and changes in trend, nail polishes have become an indispensable part of the makeup. The reason for this being that beautiful hands not only attract attention but also improve one’s self confidence. The makeover for any party or wedding could be incomplete without using a nail polish.

Nail polish these days are used not only to color the nails to enhance their beauty, but also protect and strengthen them. It’s not yet over; even your nail damages could be covered with a polish. With the emergence of various kinds of nail polishes women go crazy about not only choosing their right color but also to choose the right type of nail polish. Let’s briefly go through as to what the cosmetic industry has in store for us.

  • There are water based nail polishes which has pigments similar to those used in water color paints. This is an environment friendly product and does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Generally nail polish takes at least an hour to dry. So in case you don’t have that kind of time then quick drying nail polish is the one to use. Though they dry very quickly in two minutes, try and keep away from getting smudged for at least 20 minutes post application.
  • Some nail polishes are especially suitable for brittle and weak nails. They provide not only provides good strengthening but also prevent the nail from chipping and promotes nail growth. They come in variants the clear and colored types. To get a long lasting good result it is recommended that this polish be reapplied ever three days. 
  • Are you aware of this nail polish which gives you an effective finish and ensures that manicure lasts more than ten days? You must take a try on them at least once.
  • In case you don’t have time to go for the base coat and top coat due to lack of time, then the all in one nail polish is the solution. These contain both the base and top coat and can be applied directly on the bare nails. For darker shades, though two to three coats are preferable
  • You can also go for some organic polishes which are believed to protect your fingernails from damages.

Apart from this, there are ample numbers of nail polish finishes that are available to give that ultimate touch to the nails. In fact you have an option between more than 20 finishes and few to be mentioned like cream or pearl finish, matte, metallic, glitter, glossy, jelly and many more. So go ahead and choose your color and let your nails be proud of you

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