What Are the Different Types of Operating Systems

The age of computers has made way for the age of laptops and more suave computing devices and machines. There are now some things known as tablet computers, smart phones and new-age digital notebooks. These are considered to be bigger and more radical inventions like tablet PCs and smarter laptops. However, many still like to use the basic PCs for their convenience and efficiency. So, if they want to use these computers in a more effective way, they should know about the operating systems and their different types and categories. Here is a quick guide at what are the types of operating systems. The operating systems need to be constantly upgraded and improved. This will be even more important if you have installed many programs and applications. You would need some better and advanced operating systems for these programs. Several types of systems serve different needs and requirements. Moreover, some of the recent operating systems have been designed so as to meet a number of requirements at the same time. The most common and basic type of operating systems is the GUI or Graphical User Interface. This operating system serves as the brains behind the user interface on a computer. The GUI system will help the PC user to navigate the home page or interface of the computer. The GUI system will also help in creating the icons and desktop shortcuts on the PC user interface. The GUI system also serves to create the interface and navigation menus in the Internet browsing windows and applications. The GUI Operating Systems include systems like the Windows 98, Windows CE and other models. These are the basic essentials. The next type of operating systems is known as the Multi-User Operating System. This system well fits in with its name. The Multi-User System will help a number of people to use the computer via different profiles. This has become rather common in the latest versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems. A single individual user can also use the multi-user system to carry out different tasks with the same computer. This system is therefore known as a multi-tasking system. You can do a number of tasks with your computer with the aid of such a reliable operating system. The multi-purpose operating system is possibly the most popular and handy operating system of late. There are many types of multi-purpose systems, which are also popularly used by people. The multi-threading operating system is one which allows the programs to be run via different user profiles concurrently. The multi-processor operating system will allow you to run your computer programs with different computer processors at the same time. So, these operating systems help to add a greater degree of versatility to any computer device. Thus, these systems are really crucial for your computers and other modern devices.