What Are the Different Types of Protein Powder Supplements

Why these days people are intaking Protein supplements in their daily diet? Protein supplements are taken for a number of reasons. The first among them is to increase the strength in the body and also to draw some mass into the body of very lean people. The protein supplements are used for many other benefits. This article will discuss the different types of protein powder supplements that are available in the market today.

  • Whey Protein – This is a supplement, which is extracted from whey. The protein powder is made out of the secondary product of the manufacture of cheese. The research has shown that this protein has the properties of anti inflammation and anti-cancer. Thus, this is a very good prevention method for cancer. People with milk allergies cannot consume this supplement.
  • Soy Protein – This is a supplement powder, which is made from the extracts of soya bean. The powder is made from defatted beans and thus, does not contain any fat. This is a protein supplement that is used from the year 1959 for all the benefits that it provides. The soy protein has become famous in the recent few years as it is used extensively in the food products. The extracts from the soya beans are made into three types of products, which are highly commercialized. The first is the powder, which is preferred by most of them. The other two are concentrates and isolates.
  • Egg Protein – This is a supplement, which is made out of egg white as well as the whole egg. It is available in these two types and the choice is for the consumer. If the consumer wants low fat protein, then they can make use of the 100 percent egg white protein and vice versa.
  • Plant Protein – This is a type of supplement, which is aimed at the vegan consumers. This is mainly for the consumers who prefer vegetarian supplements and do not like the consumption of egg proteins. This powder supplement is made from the extracts from plants like soya beans or brown rice. Thus, it is completely vegan.

People who do not have the time for a proper diet meal use the protein powder supplements. However, there are also people who consume this supplement in order to put on weight. They do not have a choice as the normal diet nutrients are not enough for their body. Thus, the protein supplements help in the process of gaining the right body weight.