What Are the Different Types of Public Transportation Problems

There should be public transport systems in each and every city of the world and those are there in each and every city of the world, almost. But the worrying fact is, there is not a single city, where the public transport system is error free. Several problems are associated with the public transport systems and for this reason; people are going for the private transport system, instead of the public transport systems. Let us discuss about the problems of public transport systems.

  • The main problem for which people can’t rely on the public transport system fully is the poor coverage. You will find a public transport to a particular place, whereas you won’t find the same to the nearby place. This is why, people are taking the private transport system to travel from one place to another. The coverage of the public transport systems should be improved, in order to attract more and more passengers.
  • In most of the cities, the public transport systems are highly irregular. If you have to go for an interview or for a business meeting, then you can’t rely on the public transport system, in any case. Each and every person looks for a reliable transport system and public transport systems are not at all reliable. If the public transport systems have to attract more and more travelers, then they have to be more punctual; so, that people can trust them.
  • In many cities, you will find that very poor quality vehicles are employed for vary public from one place to another. The quality of the travel is really poor, because of these poor quality vehicles. The quality of vehicles should be improved. In order to improve the quality of the journey through the public transport systems.
  • The cost of travelling in any public transport is no longer cheap. If you calculate the bus fare from one place to another place for two people, then you will find that that is only slightly lesser than the cost of fuel, if you travel through your car and if you compare the cost to the fuel bill of your two wheeler, then you will find that traveling through own two wheeler is cheaper than that of traveling through bus or train. The rising cost of travelling through the public transport system also making people to decide against the public transport systems.
  • Last but not the least, in most of the cities, public transport systems are not available 24 x7. If you have to pick up the train in the mid night, then you can’t go for the public transport systems at all. You have to travel by your own or you have to go for any private transport system.