What are the Different Types of Sleeping Bags

If you are in your home, then you would not face any kind of difficulties at the time of sleeping. In your home, the master bedroom would be dedicated for you and you can sleep there comfortable, as there would be a high quality bed topped with a comfortable mattress ready to embrace you at any point of time. However, what would you do, when you are not at your home? Where would you sleep with the comfort of your bedroom?

You may go for a hotel, if you are on a journey to any foreign city and you can get a bedroom like yours in a hotel. In fact, you may find a better looking and more comfortable bedroom inside a hotel. But there may be some journeys in which you would not find a hotel to stay. What would you do in that case?

In these types of situations, sleeping bags will come to your rescue. Think of a camping. You are planning to go on a camping on the coming Christmas vacation. A sleeping bag would help you to sleep inside a camp. Sleeping bag is the only thing, which could help you in having a comfortable sleep inside the camp. Not only in case of the camping, but sleeping bags will help you to have a comfortable sleep at many other places also. Let us discuss a bit about the different kind of sleeping bags available in the contemporary market.

The most famous and ancient sleeping bag is the air sleeping bag. This is most popular among the sleeping bags, because of its high portability. You can carry thing sleeping bag inside your pocket. Yes, you may not believe it, but it is possible. When you have to sleep, you have to fill up the sleeping bag with air. You can do this with your mouth or a pump. The cost of this kind of sleeping bag is also very low.

The second type of sleeping bag is the foam sleeping bag. The history of the foam sleeping bag is not as long as the air sleeping bag. This type of sleeping bag requires a bit more space than the air sleeping bag. You can’t put this kind of sleeping bag in your pocket, but you can certainly carry a foam filled sleeping bag along with you, during the journey. This sleeping nag offers a bit more comfort than the air sleeping bags and comes at a higher price.

Bean sleeping bag is the latest innovation, in the sleeping bag space. A bean sleeping bag requires space as much as a form sleeping bag requires and it is at par with the foam sleeping bag, as far as providing comfort is concerned. A bean sleeping bag may cost you a bit more than a foam sleeping bag. 

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