What Are the Different Types of Spine Strengthening Exercises

It is a known fact to people that a back, which has been made strong with regular exercises, can withstand more of strain. Thus, one has to make sure that he/she performs good spine strengthening exercises on a regular basis. For this purpose, the back should also be made very flexible because of which many injuries can be prevented and the effect of some injuries can be minimized.

There are two types of exercises, which can be performed in order to strengthen the spine. The first type is the McKenzie and the other is the Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization. Whichever exercise you take up, you should not perform it without the help of therapist or a professional. The exercises should be performed correctly which otherwise can be of more harm than benefit. Another important thing to remember is that the exercises are performed under certain conditions as treatments. Thus, you should make sure that they are safe to perform.

The McKenzie is an exercise, which is given the name after a therapist form New Zealand who found the exercise. He noted that the pain in the spine can be reduced by extending the spine. It is also mentioned in theory that the pressure on the root nerve is reduced when the extension exercise is performed. It can also reduce the herniation of the disc from which the pain comes. This type of exercise has a range of exercises, which has to be performed while standing as well as sitting. The exercises should be performed as directed by the therapist. When the pain is extreme, it is suggested that they repeat the exercise once in every 2 hours.

The Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization is an exercise technique which helps the therapist to find out the position in which the patient is the most comfortable. The therapist teaches the person to use the back muscles and make them stay in place. Here, the patient has to be aware of where the joints lie. They help in relieving pain as well as make the muscles strong by positioning them properly.

In some cases, both the above-mentioned type of exercises is performed to get the best results. This combination is used to ensure that the pain reduces as well as the muscles strengthen. The latter type of exercise is a tough exercise, which cannot be performed by all the patients and thus should be tested before doing it in full-fledged action.