What are the Different Types of Summer Camps

Hurray! It is time for vacation. Most of the kids scramble for their satchels and water bottles as they rush out of their classrooms. Back home their parents would be busy packing their bags for the summer camp. The next day, the kids would be away in buses and trains to a nice and pretty site for tents and adventure. In this summer camp, the kids can have a lot of fun by playing a number of games and participating in many competitions and events. They can also go for some hikes, treks and other such adventures in the hills and woods. So, summer camp is really an amazing thing for any school kid. But there are many types of summer camps as well.

Do you know that there are some camps, which do not require the kids to camp for the night? Yeah, such summer camp programs are known as day summer camps. They are more like picnics or trips, which are frequently arranged by teachers. They would last only for the day and by night; the kids would be back home. In contrast, the night camps would require the kids to set up their tents and roll inside their sleeping bags. The kids would return home on the following morning.

For many schools and educational institutions, summer camps are not just about frolic and fun under the sun. Summer camps could also be organized for studies or for some heavy duty adventures and sports. In academic camps, the little kids are taught some of the basic methods of study and learning. The kids would be asked to recite poetry, solve mathematical problems and also learn the alphabet. In the adventure camps, the focus is on athletics and monumental feats like rappelling, mountain climbing and other sports. The camps undertaken by social service groups are an example of both adventure and academic summer camps.

There are also camps organized in summer to help students develop some knowledge and common sense about science and technology. The science camps would chiefly consist of teaching the students about the various scientific methods and schools of thought. The nature trips are also science camps. They help the students understand the nature better. In technology summer camps, the students are introduced to the world of gadgets and new-age innovations. They will also be told of the revolutionary discoveries and inventions made by famous people. So, such camps will be a highly intellectually stimulating experience for kids during vacations.

Other than intellectual development, some school summer camps also aim for emotional development. Some schools organize camps for yoga or exercises. These camps help to keep the students fit during summer; they also help to relieve the stress of the studies and exams on students. Some other school summer camps hold sessions of music, art exhibitions and even dance lessons. These camps are meant to help children develop their artistic skills and capabilities. So, we can see how such summer camps provide an all-round development for your child. So, do send your child away on summer camp when the vacations begin.

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