What Are the Different Types of Thigh Strengthening Exercises

Strong thigh muscles are necessary for a healthy person as they used in every day to day activity in his whole life time. People do many exercises for strengthening their thigh muscles alongwith other muscles of their body. Quadriceps is the main muscle of the upper leg that is emphasized on more than the hamstrings and various other muscles while doing exercises to strengthen the thigh muscles. These strengthened thigh muscles are used in a variety of activities in the daily life of human being such as running, jumping, climbing etc. in the sports activities as well as climbing stairs up and down and walking etc in his day by day life. Squats, weight lifting, body weight strengthening exercises etc. are some of the exercises that are usually used to strengthening one’s thighs.  

Squats and lunges: these exercises are mostly use as the common exercises for strengthening the thighs as they train you to resist the weight of the body. Squats are done while standing on the ground with feet at a normal distance sink down to sitting position till the thigh become almost parallel to the ground and then rise up to the standing position. The repetition of this process will help in strengthening the thighs. In lunge exercise, one has to stand straight and step out with one leg and bend both the knees in a way that both the legs are bent and then come back to the original position. The repeated use of these two exercises will strengthen your thigh to a great extent. These exercises can also be done by adding some weight like barbells or dumbbells or can be done in some nearby gym where additional weights may not be used as you will be using machines for these activities.

Leg extension: this is another exercise that can be done for strengthening one’s thighs. It can be done with or without adding additional weights during the exercise. One has to sit straight on a chair while extending the knees in front of you. This exercise is more fruitful for the person who is recovering from some injury or having pain in his knees or feels difficulty in doing the advance exercises of thigh strengthening. This exercise can further be improved with additional weights, once the strength in the thigh get recovered. You can do this exercise on the leg extending machine in a gym also where you can do it with or without additional weights as per your capacity.

Use stairs: It is usual activity of several people, who do not use elevators. This is also a great exercise that can strengthen one’s thighs without devoting extra time for thigh strengthening exercises. This process can be limited, if you have to go on higher floors, by using elevator for short distances and climbing the rest on foot.