What are the Different Types of Travel Services

You are planning a Christmas vacation at the dazzling city of Dubai. You want to spend 2-3 week there at Dubai with your girlfriend. Now you have to plan how you can go to Dubai from your home town, New York. If you look at the travel services available in front of you to travel from your city to Dubai, then you will find two of them, broadly. You can travel to Dubai by air and at the same time, you can opt for the water route also.

If you are choosing the air route to reach at your destination, then you will find two choices in front of you. You can go for a full service airline or if you are running on a low budget, then you can go for a budget airline. No matter which type of airline you are choosing, you can reach at Dubai in same time; however, you will miss some luxury features, if you are choosing the budget airline. At the same time, if you are choosing the full service airline, then you will find two options in front of you. You can go for an economy class or you may opt for the business class. You have to spend more money, if you are going for the business class but you could expect some ultra luxurious features, in case of the business class of a full service airline.

On the other hand, if you are choosing the water route to travel to Dubai. Then you will find two options in front of you. You can go with a regular ship or you can opt for a cruise. If you are choosing a cruise, then you don’t have to spend more time to reach at Dubai and you will get the luxurious features of an airline inside the ship. However, you have to spend some good amount of money, in case you are choosing a cruise travel to Dubai.

After reaching at Dubai, you have to travel in and around the city. First of all, when you will reach at the port or at the airport, then you have to travel to your hotel. Here, you will also find two options in front of you; public transport system and the private transport system. If you are choosing the private transport system, then you have to spend more money but you will reach at your hotel comfortably, without facing any kind of difficulties. Once again, if you are choosing a cab service to reach at your hotel then you will get the freedom to choose a cab, according to your budget. If you have a deep pocket, then you can choose a Limousine to reach at your hotel.

The above discussed travel services are not only available between New York to Dubai, but in between the most of the cities of the world.

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