What are the Different Types of Wedding Gowns

A wedding is the ceremony of marriage and associated functions. A gown is a piece of clothing generally full length. As such a wedding gown is a gown worn during the wedding function here being referred to marriage functions of the western world. The marriages were mostly union of two families and even two businesses or two countries (as 2 countries were marked by two separate royalities). These had to be quite ornate and had to show the distinct status of the families involved.

Till about 1940s the wedding gowns were typically in tune with the fashion trends after which gradually it turned towards the ancient Victorian styles. Today these are primarily white with a slight variation possible with off-white, egg white, ivory colors to name some. The white color has always been the color of mourning but this trend was started by a Scot queen, Mary in the 1500s when she wore a white wedding gown for her wedding as white was her favorite color. Even Queen Victoria wore white in her wedding in the 1840s after which the white color became preferred color of women for wedding gowns.

In the eastern countries and cultures the color of the wedding dress is almost always red which is considered auspicious and lucky. Silk, crepe and satin are preferred material used in the wedding gowns in the eastern cultures.

The wedding ceremonies in the eastern cultures happen to be of longer durations and hence give the bride chance to wear more than one wedding gown.

In the western countries there are primarily six types of wedding gowns which are famous though there may be number of variations made keeping individuality in mind. The six primary types are the hourglass gown, the Aline gown, the mermaid gown, the sheaths, the empire waist and the suits. The hourglass as the name suggests is shaped like an hourglass and is suited for women who have very good and full body shape. The A line is shaped like and is good for women who are relatively heavier at the hips. The mermaid type gowns start going wider from the knees suitable for women who are thin and relatively shorter in height. Sheaths again are close fitting and are suitable for the women who are tall and have good figure and it’s a good way to flaunt their figure. The empire waist is tight around the bust and then falls straight so its good for women with small bust and not so good body. The suits are ideal for the relatively informal weddings.

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