What are the Different Ways to Backup Data

There are a number of ways by which the user’s data such as important documents, pictures, videos and other stuff as well can be backed up. These ways are:

By using an external drive – The external hard disk can be attached to the PC by the user through the USB (universal serial bus) port and the data which is important to the user can be copied to the external drive. External Drives are portable and are also very sleek which makes them easy to take from one place to another. Now External drives are also coming with FireWire ports (which results in much faster data transfer).

By using CD’s or DVD’s – This is one of the easiest ways to back up the files or folders by storing them in CD’s or DVD’s (depending upon the size of data user wants to back up). DVD’s have higher capacity than CD’s and are mostly used now-a- days. These can also be ported anywhere without making much efforts. Online options – Online backup options are quite popular these days. The data can be backed up online only and can also be used if a user wants to share files between different PC’s. The data can be uploaded by the user and many of the companies do provide this facility for free (up to certain limits) when buying their products.

USB flash drives (also known as pen drives) – Flash drives are also easily portable and can be carried out everywhere. Important files can be saved in these sorts of drives so that the files remain safe in case of system failure (hard drive failure) or in case of viruses damaging the files. Now flash drives are also coming with similar type of software’s which are found on external drives for quickly and automatically backing up of the user’s data.

Using other PC – The data can be backed up in some other PC. If a user is having more than one PC, the user can store important files or folders on other PC by zipping the data to minimize the use of disk space. But in case of large data storage, it may result in slowing down the speed of the PC.

Windows Backup/ Restore – Windows users can use this utility or wizard (which is provided within the operating system) to back up important data on a regular basis.

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