What Are the Disadvantages of Public Transportation

Local governments of almost each and every city of the world are operating public transport systems to help their citizens to travel from one place to another place in or around the city. Apart from the government agencies, there are many private agencies, which are also operating public transport system. But people don’t prefer the public transport system. If they prefer public transport system, then we would not find never ending lines of cars on the roads of each and every city.

The money required for private transportation is much more than the money one has to spend, if he or she goes for the public transport system. Then, why people are spending more money by traveling on their own, when the public transport system is there in the place? This is because of the several disadvantages of public transport system. Let us discuss about the disadvantages of public transport systems.

  • Public transport system can take to a public place. If a person wants to step out of the vehicle in front of his home or office, then that might not be possible with the help of a public transport system. The number one reason for which people don’t prefer public transportation system. A person can go to the square or the bus stop nearest to his office or home with the help of a public transport system.
  • In most of the cities, the public transport system doesn’t cover the whole area. This means, a person can go to only certain areas with the help of public transport system. Not to all the area in or around the city. The limited network is a big disadvantage of public transport system.
  • The quality of public transport system is another big disadvantage. There are some cities and places in the world, where the health of vehicles deployed in the public transport system is excellent; but in most other cities and places the vehicles of public transport systems are in ill condition. People don’t prefer to travel in shoddy quality vehicles.
  • In most of the cases, the public transport systems are far from punctual. A person may have to suffer from the delay, if he goes for the public transport system. For this reason, people never depend upon public transport system, when they have to go for any urgent work.
  • There is a time table of public transport system and if a person has to travel by the public transport system, then he has to make the planning according to the time table of public transport system. On the other hand, if that same person is choosing private transport system, then he can plan his journey without any kind of constraint.

The above mentioned points are the lacunas of public transport systems.