What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy

The most highlighted and core sign is a missed period. Women with normal menstrual cycle can immediately realize that her missing a period may be indicative of her becoming pregnant. The problem will be with women whose menstrual cycle is not regular and periods vary from 18 to 30 days. In such cases the only thing that can be done is to see whether they are missing any more periods and then seek medical advice for confirmation. A pregnancy can be confirmed only through physical tests by a doctor.

Changes in the body physically and also in its functioning may be indicative of pregnancy. For example increase in the frequency of urination may be caused by pregnancy. But it is caused by other reasons also. If there is pregnancy a certain hormone called hCG is produced in the body and it is the cause for getting the feeling for urination frequently. Being tired may be indicative of pregnancy. It is also the result of production of another hormone. Your feeling completely worn out may be due to early pregnancy, however, certainly not a sure diagnosis.

The first physical indication of pregnancy is darkening of the skin, around the nipples. Even this is not confirmative of pregnancy because the darkening may be due to imbalance in the hormones and also left over from earlier pregnancy. The breasts also undergo change after the misses first period. The breast may become bigger and tender than usual and may feel painful to touch. The pain will disappear after the body gets used to the production of new hormones.

There is a definite change in your tasting of food if the missed period is due to pregnancy. This can be felt very clearly. A persistent metallic taste in the mouth experienced by some women is an indication of pregnancy. This taste for certain items of food happens. Craving for food item normally taken in household happens. Many women confirm their pregnancy if such a thing happens. For several weeks after the missed period you would be lucky if you are not affected by morning sickness.

Almost all women get morning sickness at various stages of their pregnancy. Some lucky women may not get it at all. Nausea is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. The nausea may not be confined to mornings but may happen at any time of the day. Nausea caused by pregnancy is particularly bothersome. After all these symptoms the doctor will carry out pathological tests to determine whether the woman is pregnant. In case it is positive you are sure to get prescription of medicines, supplements etc all for your health and baby in the womb.

What is a Chemical Pregnancy

Chemical pregnancy is basically one of the terms used by medical experts to refer to a miscarriage in pregnant women. The occurrence of this condition is usually not dependent on whether a pregnancy test was conducted or not as there are many factors that lead to its occasion. Therefore, chemical pregnancy will occur whether there was a test or not a few days before the periods showed up. It is sad that past researches show that the highest prevalence of chemical pregnancy is in first time mothers who are not even aware of their pregnancy status.

The main cause of chemical pregnancy is chromosomal disorder that occurs in a developing fetus while still in the womb. This affects its growth and development and once it becomes stunted then the only solution is to have a miscarriage. Other factors that cause this condition include the absence of a good lining of the uterine, lowered levels of hormones in the body and presence of other foreign infections that do not go well with a pregnancy. There are other disorders of the uterine that will lead to a chemical pregnancy like fibroids that are either acquired or present at birth which one should have a medical examination before taking any action on them.

Dealing with a chemical pregnancy should not be a bother to you as it is very easy once one is knowledgeable. Even though preventing a miscarriage from occurring is more difficult, you can seek some advice from your personal doctor on how to handle the situation especially when you have experienced the condition more than once. This should not bring you down but give you the confidence that a solution will be gotten over the issue once you have discussed it with a trained professional in the medical field. You can as well have some 50mg of vitamin B6 every day or progesterone cream which have all been proven to work effectively.

Many people have been made to believe that achieving ovulation after a chemical pregnancy is impossible but that cannot be near the truth. A miscarriage does not spell the end for a woman as getting pregnant is normal once one is still productive and fertile. The best thing is to see your doctor if the periods have showed up after the miscarriage so that you can have your hCG levels tested. Once the results turn out to be negative then he or she will give you the green light to try a second time and see whether you can fall pregnant.

There are cases where a miscarriage was as a result of infections and this should also be left to the doctor for directions on the step to take. You might be prescribed some medicine to deal with the infection or even given an alternative but the doctor’s word will be the final one in your quest to become pregnant. In case you get ovulation after a chemical pregnancy then never assume that to be a normal occurrence but seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

How can I Improve My Chances of Pregnancy

God has blessed the women with the power to give birth to a child. Some of the couples find it easy to get pregnant. But for some couples, due to some reasons, it becomes difficult to get pregnant. For that they require medical help. Once you are ready to get pregnant, you should plan each and everything associated with it. Here are some tips which you should follow in order to improve the chances to get pregnant and it will reduce the struggle of women to get pregnant:

If you are taking any contraceptive pills, then you will have to stop taking it as it will not let you get pregnant. It must have disturbed your monthly cycle too. It will take some time to get back to normal. If you smoke or drink or take some other drugs, then once you are ready to get pregnant, you have to stop all this as these can have a bad effect on you and your baby&health. If you consume too much caffeine like coffee, tea etc then you need to avoid it as much as you can. Caffeine is bad when you are trying to get pregnant or when your are pregnant as it may cause stillbirth or abortion Having sex on the right days will also increase the chances of getting pregnant. So calculate the ovulation period correctly. Having sex before your menses will be better than having sex after your menses. You should always try various positions while having sex. Some of the positions cause the wastage of sperm like sitting and standing positions. Having sex from behind will cause the sperm to get collected near the cervix which will increase the chances of getting pregnant. So it is very important to consider the positions too. Having sex regularly can also serve the purpose as it improves the quality of sperm. You should have sex 3 times a week. Improve your diet. Start taking healthy diet which should be rich in vitamins, iron, calcium etc. It will help you in making the body ready for the baby. Consult your doctor before planning for a baby. He/she will tell you the right time for the baby and if you will have any complications, you will come to know about it and will be able to plan accordingly.

If you will follow above mentioned tips, then these will surely help you in getting pregnant easily and that too quickly. Do not get stressed uselessly if you are not getting pregnant trying after multiple times. Keep trying and you will surely succeed in the end. Never give up.