What Are the Health Benefits of Pawpaw

Pawpaw is the name for a particular type of papaya, which is found in the country of America. This is a fruit, which is liked and consumed by people all over the world. There are many health benefits that the pawpaw provides and thus, the huge consumption of it. Considering the large number of benefits that they provide, it is available all trough the year.

Each part of the fruit is used for medicinal purposes, especially the seeds. The seeds provide the maximum health benefit. Sometimes, the seeds are swallowed raw and fresh to gain certain benefits for the body. On the other hand, they are also processed and the benefits are still the same. The pawpaw is made into fermented forms and made for flavors in tea powders too. The fruit is a source of all the vitamins like A, C and E, while it also has the fiber content useful for the body. The most important advantage of the fruit is that it is a very good anti oxidant.

It is a very good digestive fruit as it contains a lot of enzymes- papain and chymopapain. These enzymes perform the essential function of food break down for the release of protein and the conversion of protein to amino acids. This is important as the amino acids which are made by the enzymes is responsible for the effective functioning of the body as mentioned by certain studies.

As a person grows old in age, the natural production of these digestive enzymes in the stomach and pancreas reduces to a very low level. This has adverse affects on the body leaving large amounts of undigested proteins. As a result, there is excess growth of bacteria in the intestines and low levels of amino acids to carry out the chemical reactions. Thus, as we age there should be a standard consumption of pawpaw to generate the amino acids.  

The enzymes are present in the outer peel of the fruit. The right time for consumption of the pawpaw is after a meal, either dinner or lunch. The consumption of the fruit after a meal ensures that there is no bloating, chronic indigestion and other digestion problems. It also prevents any form of inflammation in the body. As it is a good anti oxidant, it prevents the cholesterol oxidation. Thus, it is also used in the medicines for heart and problems. There are many other health benefits of the pawpaw fruit.