What are the Main Symptoms of Asperger

Asperger’s syndrome is one such disorder seen in people that greatly affects their social life and self esteem. It would be worth mentioning here that Asperger’s syndrome was not given a lot of importance in the olden times unlike the scenario today. Therefore, the kids in the olden times were not given the necessary treatment in the earlier days, leading to difficulties in their present life. The social life of such individuals is hampered greatly due to the illness, making it very difficult for the person to lead a normal life like the others around him.



One main characteristic of the people who have Asperger’s syndrome is the average or above average intelligence of theirs. It is said that these people possess extreme interest in any one subject, in which their interest reaches the level of obsession. However, in many people this interest of theirs is said to be the defining factor that makes them excel in the particular field. History gives examples of many great men who suffered from Asperger’s syndrome before they reached great milestones in their professional lives.



A person with Asperger’s syndrome is not able to socialize well with the people around him and prefers to remain in isolation always. Studies have proven that they also have a strong dislike towards certain colors. Maintaining friendships and relationships is said to be a very difficult task for these people, as they fail to recognize the importance of expressing themselves in the relationship. Their sexual life also tends to be poor owing to the fact that they do not recognize the needs of their partner. Most of the times, embarrassment is caused to them since they fail to maintain their behavior when at a public function.



It is this behavior of theirs that causes issues with relation to employment too. Major problems with related to anger management is also said to be one among the main symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome in adults. The tendency of going into depression too is very high in such people, as they feel that they are ignored by the rest of the group and fail to figure out the reason as to why people maintain distance from them. The roles of family and the partner of the person who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome is of utmost importance in this regard, as they need to understand the shortcoming in the person and the reason for his awkward behavior at times. A person suffering from Asperger’s syndrome can consult psychologists and get to know about methods to combat the shortcomings in him. This would help him get over the problems seen in him and lead a better social life.

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