What Are the Most Common Causes of Diarrhea with Chills

Diarrhea with chills is caused by viral or bacterial infection. It is commonly known as stomach flu for viral infection and food poisoning for bacterial infection. Usage of the word flu may not be correct. Diarrhea of loose stools with chills is caused by under cooked or spoiled food. In more serious cases it may be due to stones in the bile duct or gallbladder. One of the bacterial causes may be vibrio cholerae. It is a bacterial infection and enters the body again through food only. This is applicable in the case of sea food.

 Undercooked food in any form may cause diarrhea with chills. This is so if the food consumed is sea food. Such food causes not only diarrhea with chills. Vibrio cholerae which occurs due to undercooked seafood also cause stomach cramps, nausea, headache etc. With bacterial infection vomiting is not very common. It only points the necessity of properly cooked food made in hygienic conditions and similarly consuming the food also in such surroundings.

 When there is viral infection you get afflicted with gastroenteritis which also causes diarrhea with chills. There are several viruses that are cause for intestinal infection of gastroenteritis.  The disease is highly contagious and therefore any one can be afflicted with this disease. However, old people and children are more susceptible to attacks by such types of viruses. There are two types of viruses which are cause for children getting an attack of gastroenteritis. They are known as rotavirus and adenovirus. There are other viruses which cause the disease among all age groups.

 Vomiting, fever, and diarrhea with chills are the result of attack by nacrovirus. All forms of diarrhea are caused by unwashed hands while coming out of the bathroom and also sharing of food drinks etc; with other people. When the incident occurs in the elderly and infants, it is very serious matter and requires medical attention. For healthy people medical treatment may not be necessary. However, dehydration during an attack of diarrhea with chills should be avoided by consuming plenty of water, juices etc.

Gallbladder stones are caused by excess cholesterol. When the stones block the passage diarrhea with chills accompanied by fever happens. It may also lead to jaundice. Pains in the abdominal region, a sudden drop in the blood pressure, faster heart beat, are all symptoms of bile duct problems. One of the reasons for gallbladder stones is chronic diarrhea with chills. When you suffer from this problem which causes loose motion frequently and continues for several months it causes scarring and inflammation of the bladder.