What Are the Most Common Causes of Skin Lesions

What Are the Most Common Causes of Skin Lesions?

Skin is considered as the sensitive part of the body and it covers the most parts as well. There are many kinds of infection associated with the skin. One of them is a lesion. A lesion which occurs on the skin is known as a skin lesion. A lesion in particular can be referred to the abnormality that occurs in a tissue, either due to the damage or a disease. Blisters, rash, swelling in the skin etc can be considered as Skin Lesions. This article would intend to discuss the various reasons which cause Skin Lesions.

The causes for skin lesions are mentioned below: –

  • Sun Damage – The Lesions caused due to sun normally occur in people who are fair complexioned. The lesion that is caused due to the damage by the sun is Actinic Keratosis. This would prove fatal if the right treatment is not procured soon. The fatal effects include the Skin Lesion converting itself to a skin cancer that could lead to death. Excessive exposure of skin to sun and tanning beds usually cause this skin lesion.
  • Cysts – Cysts do play a role as cause for skin lesions. Cysts are those sacs like structures which contain organisms in their larval stage. These cysts when ruptured can lead to skin lesions. For example, Epidermoid cyst can be found on the top layer of the skin and Pilar cysts are normally found on the scalp which leads to skin lesion. Hence, it is recommended to regularly cleanse the skin.
  • Infections – Infections on the skin can also be a cause for having skin lesions on the skin. Infections here include boils; pustules etc can be result of skin lesions. Skin lesions are mild in nature by generality but treatment to be taken immediately to avoid the worse.
  • The growth of blood vessels – Sometimes it is possible for one to have a huge accumulation of blood vessels at a particular region of the body. This results in one having a red colored skin Lesion. This can be clinically treated either with a laser treatment or surgical removal of the Lesions.  
  • Heredity – The reason for the occurrence of skin lesion can also strongly be by Heredity. It is recommended to get it checked with the dermatologist if it gets too itchy.

These are a few causes for the occurrence of skin lesions. Many times skin lesions cannot be directly noticed as they could also appear in moles. Melanoma is type of skin cancer which takes its origin on one’s body as skin lesions. Hence do not neglect any skin lesion and is recommended to visit the dermatologist to prevent the worse.