What are the Most Common Eye Defects

Almost all of us face certain kind of eye problem daily. Many of the eye problems can be treated effectively. It can develop with time or a person may have an eye defect when he was born. Some of the eye defects come with age. Some of them can be treated and if not taken care properly or treated properly, they can be serious and can also cause blindness. So whenever you feel some kind of problem even if it is mild, then consult with the doctor as soon as possible. Most common eye defects which can be usually seen with the people can be:

Myopia: Myopia is an eye disorder in which a person is not able to see an object properly which is at a distance. It may seem to be blurry to him. The person with this problem can see the objects clearly which are near or close to them. He/She can wear glasses with a suitable lens. If not taken care, it can cause headache due to strain on eyes. Hyperopia: It is usually called farsightedness. People with this problem face problem to see the objects which are close to them, though they do not find any problem with the objects far from them. This condition can also be corrected by glasses or lenses. However, like myopia it can also lead to headache and can take a severe form if not treated or taken care properly.

Presbyopia: this problem develops as people get aged. They find it difficult to read or focus. This problem can also be corrected by using glasses. Astigmatism: people with this eye disorder, usually have irregular shaped cornea. It can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses but in some cases it may require a surgery to correct it.

Diabetic Retinopathy: this problem of eyes is caused if the person is diabetic. It is causing blindness in most of the middle age people. Laser technique can help in reducing this problem. Glaucoma: it often happens due to pressure in the eye increasing fluid in the eye. It can lead to blindness. If it is diagnosed earlier, then it can be treated with the use of eye drops and surgery.

All the above eye disorders should be taken care of and should not be avoided. If avoided, they can cause some serious problems like eye blindness. To prevent it, you should take healthy diet including lots of green vegetables and fruits and see a doctor regularly for an eye exam.

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