What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs

Today everyone needs to do one job or the other to ensure a living. Some jobs can be done while being comfortably seated in the comfort of one’s home or office while there are some other jobs that require a person to go out and work. With progress the needs and requirements of people have increased requiring more and more forms of work. Out of these works there are works that can potentially be deadly to ones life or limb.As per the Department of labor of USA the list of most dangerous jobs has been compiled keeping in view the number of deaths associated with the job. Fishing ranks as the most dangerous job. Fishing today involves fishing in areas far away from coasts with high waves and sometimes sub freezing temperatures. With loud noises of splashing waves the chances of being saved in case you go overboard are minimum. This is followed in numbers by piloting. Todays commercial and fighter aircrafts fly at such high speeds that, in spite of all the advancements in safety, the chances of survival are very low if something goes wrong. The job also involves your dependence on other people and machines that may malfunction of make a judgment error.

At number three come the timber cutters. The high speed and high power cutter used for logging today in hand one little mistake can be deadly. The high weight of the falling tree and the flying debris can cause havoc and with this happening at remote location medical help is far away.

Metal working is with high temperatures. The metal forging is done at high temperature and as such any mistake or accident is generally fatal. Waste collection is another risky job where you don’t know what will be in the waste. Some of technology that is used today uses toxic things which are thrown as waste. Breathing of handling them has caused death in short and long term. Even accidents with motorists is a cause of accidents and deaths.

This is followed by deaths in farming and ranching. The huge tracts of land under cultivation require mechanized farming and tools that have no room for error. The ranchers too handle large numbers of animals who are not ruled to say the least. Structural Workers. Have to work at hundreds of feet from the ground or over water to lay frame work for bridges and buildings. One slip on the tools or from the place and its curtains. The workers of high tensions wires have higher risks involved as a the wires carry high voltage of electricity. This is followed by mining, roofing and finally trucking .Truck drivers and delivery workers – face the dangers of high speed collisions on the free ways with tons of vehicle moving at high speed in sometimes icy conditions.