What are the Must-See Places in Paris

Every person of the world dreams to visit Paris at least once in their lifetime. You can say this city as the travelers’ dream. At the same time, this city welcomes more honeymooners every year than any other city of the world. Millions of couples pour at this city to spend some intimate time with each other. They choose Paris, instead of any other city because of the sexiness of this city. Once you step at Paris, you will find this city charming, seducing and mesmerizing.

There are a lots of places are there to be seen in this world famous city. In fact, the whole city is full of attractions. If you are visiting this city as a traveler, then you should visit each and every street of this city and fortunately, you will find something really incredible in each and every street.

The monument, which helps a person to recognize this city is nothing else that the greatest of great the Eiffel Tower.  If you are visiting Paris and you are not witnessing this tower, then you can’t say that your Paris visit is complete from any angle. When a person starts his or her Paris journey, he or she starts from this tower and ends at this same tower also. In fact, Paris is famous because of this tower. The best time to visit this Eiffel Tower is during the night, as you will find it lighted then. You can climb up to a certain height of this tower. The dazzling view of Paris from this tower in the night is incredible, really incredible.

Louvre Museum, is considered as one of the best museums of the world and it is located in this city. If you want to see priceless antique things, then you can find tons of those in this museum. Monalisa, the best painting created by a human being is safely stored at this museum. Not only Monalisa, but you will find most of the great work of great Leonardo da Vinci in this museum.

There are dozens of churches in this city, which should be seen. All of them look great and those are dotted around the city, not concentrated at any particular place. Paris people believe in god. You can conclude this fact safely after watching the churches of this city.

Paris is called as the Mecca of fashion. This city is the power house of the world of fashion. You will find the headquarters of many fashion labels in this city. All those headquarters are delight to watch. At the same time, Paris is called as shopper’s paradise. Hundreds of giant shopping malls are present in this city and those look fantastic also. The best time to do shopping in this city is during the Christmas time. 

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