What Are the Pros and Cons of Caffeine Supplements

People take caffeine supplements for staying alert, increasing stamina, heart rate and to increase energy and for improving metabolism. Caffeine is a substance which is found in tea and coffee etc. when we take these supplements it activates our central nervous system and sympathetic nervous system. Caffeine supplements have no serious side effects but only when you take them with in limits because scientific evidence suggests that it has no adverse side effect.

Caffeine supplements are mainly use for increasing energy, improving athletic performance, delaying fatigue, spares muscle glycogen and increase the body fat loss.

Every thing within limits is good for health same is the case with caffeine supplements. When you cross the limits of taking caffeine supplements then side effects can occur. Some side effects are nausea, muscle tremor and headache. The sufficient amount of caffeine supplements which you can take is 150 to 200 mg and one hour before to exercise. If you are taking it for weight losses then take 150 to 200 mg every four to five hours. Besides of many benefits caffeine supplements also have some drawbacks. As its rightly said- Excess of everything is bad. Excess intake of caffeine supplements too have side effects.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Caffeine Supplements:
Here I will mention some drawback and benefits of caffeine supplements.

Benefits Of Caffeine Supplements:
The important benefits of caffeine supplements are these

  • Caffeine Supplements improves short term memory.
  • They enhance endurance and short term exercise performance.
  • They may prevent the type 2 diabetes and liver diseases.
  • They are use for weight loss.
  • They are use for increasing energy stamina and heart rate.
  • After taking caffeine supplements you stay alert and fresh for long period of time.
  • They are use for preventing dizziness especially in older people.
  • They are use for mental alertness.

Drawbacks Of Caffeine:
Some draw backs of caffeine supplements are these

  • Caffeine supplements are not recommended for those persons which has high blood pressure. They are also not suitable for children’s and elders.
  • Caffeine supplements could boost the risk of heart diseases.
  • Caffeine supplements also increase the glucose level in blood which is not good for health

These all are the benefits and drawbacks of caffeine supplements. In fact caffeine supplements are for those persons who wish to lose weight and for this purpose they need caffeine. Some energy drinks and soda etc also contain caffeine but they do not like them because all those drinks contain caffeine in less amount while energy in more amount. So they take caffeine supplements because these supplements contains just caffeine not any additional ingredients.