What are the Risks of Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is not a big problem for a person but it can bring new diseases with it. It can be caused due to lack of oxygen and it can be brought back to normal pressure by some medicines easily.

Our blood pressure varies time to time due to change in living conditions like sudden tension and happiness. As our blood pressure varies, it sometimes goes above the normal limit and sometimes it goes down the normal limit. Due to the change in blood pressure, a person may face different types of problems and diseases instantly. This is so severe that it can also result in death of a person if it happens at extreme level. In other words, change in blood pressure is very serious problem and people may also die due to this if blood pressure goes up or comes down extremely.

From one point of view, low pressure is good for a person because high pressure causes many serious problems. Low blood pressure avoids these problems. People think that low pressure is good because they have the knowledge that high blood pressure happens due to more pressure on heart and circulatory system. They think that as high blood pressure is due to more pressure then low blood pressure happens due to less pressure on heart and circulatory system. As the pressure on heart and circulatory system is less, problems like kidney disease, stroke and heart disease are prevented.

But, from the other point of view, low pressure is also not good. Low blood pressure also causes some problems and sometimes it brings a new disease with it. Low blood pressure means less pressure on heart so due to this, heart, brain, kidney and other vital organs may not receive sufficient blood. If the vital organs do not receive sufficient blood, it can temporarily stop working or it may also get damaged permanently. This may also happen due to lack of oxygen for some time. Normal blood pressure of a person lies between 90/60 and 120/80 so you can make out that a person’s pressure is low if it comes less than 90/60.

Low blood pressure may be life threatening and can be the reason of some deadly diseases. It can be the first sign of deadly diseases like diabetes, shock, dehydration, heart attack and even heart failure. As low blood pressure is not itself very deadly, doctors generally do not give medication for low blood pressure only. They prescribe medicines when they see that the patient has any disease which was caused due to low blood pressure. This includes problems like dizziness, faint and lightheadedness. The reason why doctors do not generally prescribe medicine for low blood pressure only is that it can be brought back to normal blood pressure by some medicine but it can also result in high blood pressure.