What are the Risks of Steroid Use

People use steroids to enhance their capability of physical activities like running fast, working out at gym and the like. They are basically man made drugs and so despite enhancing ones capabilities, they are very much harmful for one’s body because of the side effects that they cause. They are available in form of juices, tablets, candies, creams and injections as well. They are mostly taken by athletes and gm trainers but after getting attracted to a number of functions that anabolic steroids perform, a number of people have also started taking them. May be they are not aware about the harmful side effects that they cause.

Risks of steroid use

  1. It affects the central nervous system of one’s body- Due to over usage of steroids, one tends to become aggressive and get irritated frequently. Some people even get into depression after using steroids.
  2.  Hair loss- People, who take anabolic steroids, lose their premature hair fastly. They can even become bald. Even the growth of body hair gets reduced.
  3. Increased cholesterol- There is a sudden increase in cholesterol level and this can be very harmful for a person’s health as it can lead to heart diseases and also can lead to several other serious health problems.
  4. Sexual dysfunction- some steroids can lead to dysfunction of the sexual parts of body. They can lead to impotence as well.
  5. Gynecomastia- Due to consumption if steroids, the mammary tissues get enlarged in males which makes their chest appears like female breasts.
  6. Skin problem- The steroids produce sebum in excess in one’s body, making the skin oily and resulting in skin problems like pimples and the like.
  7. Menstrual problems- If women take anabolic steroids regularly, their menstrual cycle undergoes a change due to which there is loss of menstruation and which further leads to inability to reproduce.

The above listed are some of the major side effects of using steroids. Apart from the ones that are written above, steroids causes other harms as well. so even if they let you perform better in athletics and other physical activities, the risks of taking them can be beaten away by any benefit it may offer. They can even lead one to suffer from HIV whose result is nothing but a sudden death.

So if you care about your family and yourself stop taking steroids and save yourself from the dangerous side effects. Though people are very much aware about the risks of taking steroids, still it’s astonishing to see that a large number of population still takes them. We have been a witness a number of athletes who have been caught because of steroid abuse and so we must learn from their experience and save yourself from the side effects of steroid use. 

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