What Are the Signs of Menopause

There are many signs of menopause like hot flushes, night sweat, dizziness, vaginal dryness and depression. Menopause generally occurs to women of 45-55 years of age but its signs can be noticed from some years before it.

Menopause is the condition of women generally at the age of 45-55 when her menstruation (periods) ultimately stops not allowing her to get pregnant anymore. In this time period, a woman goes through certain changes as her ovary stops making eggs. Generally menstruation stops gradually but sometimes it stops suddenly but this is not menopause. Menopause is the condition when a woman didn’t had periods for 1 or more entire year.

There are tremendous numbers of symptoms of menopause as symptoms may differ from woman to woman. The most common signs of menopause are listed here. Hot flushes are very common in American women and women of some other countries too. In hot flushes, women feel warmth in the entire body and redness of skin is noticed in the upper part of the body like face. This symptom of menopause is not seen in every woman but more than half women have this sign. Night sweat is another symptom but is sometimes classified under hot flushes only because it has the same effect but in the evening or night time and it is more intense. Irregular periods are common symptoms; women tend to have periods without any particular intervals unlike normal periods which happen after every 28 days. In irregular periods, a woman can have menstruation after every 24 days or less or even more than 28 days. She may even skip one month of periods and sometimes she may have heavy bleeding suddenly.

Apart from common symptoms, there are some symptoms which are not faced by more than 50% women but more than 40% face it. Vaginal dryness comes in this category; it is the condition when vagina of women seems to be dry as it loses the moist and soft feeling in the lining of vagina. This happens as her vaginal tissues become less elastic and starts drying. Itchiness and irritation of near vagina becomes common due to this reason. Women lose the desire of having much sex as she starts feeling old. Women feel tired, weak and low level of energy is felt. Sometimes, due to changes in mood due to the signs, she starts crying.

Symptoms of menopause which are faced by 30-40% of women are hair loss, thinning and increase in facial hair. Women faces sleep disorders, difficulty in concentrating on anything and sometimes it leads to mental confusion. She may have headache, depression, breast pain, irritation of skin and digestion problems. There are some other signs of menopause too but is hardly noticed in any women. Generally, signs which are mentioned here are faced by women from some weeks, months or even years before actual menopause occurs.