What Are the Symptoms Of Anemia

The measure of oxygen in blood is often indicated by the levels of hemoglobin in the blood. When the hemoglobin levels come down, it indicates that there is a lack of the oxygen content in the blood of human beings. The hemoglobin can come down to a number of reasons. One of them is that the individual may suffer from what is popularly known as anemia. The anemic may suffer from this sudden lack of oxygen. But what symptoms do distinguish anemia from other hemoglobin shortages? There are some symptoms, which are really responsible for the oxygen lack under the situation of anemia. Let’s see what they are in reality.

One of the most prominent symptoms of anemia is known as tachycardia. The problem of tachycardia is associated with irregular and abnormal heart rate. This is a problem that is quite voluntary and self-created. The person, who has a hemoglobin shortage, voluntarily tries to breathe in more oxygen and fresh air into the blood. This puts in a strain on the heart and lungs of the body. Such a strain will lead to irregular breathing or even irregular heart beat. This irregularity will be termed as tachycardia. This symptom may not have any adversity or any bad side effects. But the tachycardia may also become more severe as a consequence of the aggravated anemia.

The most profound effect of the anemia is that called as dyspnea. This is dyspnea is the effect of short breathing or exertion. The exertion takes place when the oxygen does not reach the tissues or muscles. When the person performs any stressful or tough task, he or she will feel short of breath and easily tired and exerted. This is because the tissues and muscles will not be able respirate easily. This means that the breathing will not be easy as well. The person will feel easily tired even with small tasks and duties. So, this symptom actually indicates that anemia is actually the problem.

The problem of anemia is detected when one suffers from dizziness. In the dizziness, the person will feel weak and rather fatigued. The fatigue and weakness will make the person unable to do any usual tasks and activities. The dizziness is something that is usually associated with most of the problems behind the lack of oxygen in blood. However, you should also check the reports of your blood tests and experiments. The blood tests report specifies that if the hemoglobin level is considerably lesser than a normal mark of 10-12, it indicates that the individual may be suffering from anemia. So, this is ample evidence for the major problem of anemia.

Once you have found out that anemia is your problem, you should do everything to treat it fully. You should eat a diet that would give your blood an additional dose of fresh oxygen in the blood. The fruits and vegetables would really help you for this. At the same time, you should also take in more iron rich foods and medicines. Iron will help to improve the oxygen levels in the blood.