What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The cell that divides and gets multiplied at an uncontrollable rate into number of cells is known to be a Breast Cancer. Since the cancer cells are too tiny at an initial stage, there are no visible symptoms of a breast cancer. It is also observed that breast cancers are more commonly caused due to an estrogen hormone. It is one of the known causes of a tumor grown in the breast.

One of the best ways to prevent a breast cancer for the survival purpose is the early detection of this disease by undergoing regular checkup and breast examination. A mammogram test can easily detect a cancerous lump that forms in the breast. It is for this reason doctors usually recommend a women of the annual screening mammogram test to be on the safer side. Even a monthly self examination at home or clinic can help many women get aware of the possible change in their breasts texture, size or the conditional changes in their skin. 

Symptoms of a Brest Cancer:

Normally, a woman can look for any lump surrounding within the armpit or the breasts. The more aggressive cancer is the inflammation accompanied with rash caused due to nesting of the tumor cells. 

  • Another symptom of a breast cancer is the change in the size of the breasts. Women can easily identify this change in size by visiting her doctor and have a clinical breast examination done.
  • Any swelling in the breast or an arm pit accompanied with pain is also another symptom of a breast cancer.
  • The lumps that are formed within the breast are either painless or painful and tender too. These lumps can be easily viewed in the mammogram test after the end of the menstrual cycle.
  • Some women can also notice flattening of the breasts or its indentation due to a growing tumor.
  • There can also be a sudden change in the breast contour or temperature along with the change in the skin color to reddish surface. This is actually considered as one of the advanced symptoms of a breast cancer.
  • Any change in the size of the nipple either dimpled or inverted with a burning or itching sensation is another sign of a localized cancer.
  • Women may also experience a nipple discharge which is either colorless or bloody.

There can be a marble-like change in the texture of the skin that might be different from other body areas. Many symptoms of a breast cancer are often mistaken for cysts and sometimes even a normal cyst is doubted to be a cancerous breast lump. To avoid such misconceptions and delay in the further treatment, it is always advisable to get a routine breast examination done through your doctor.