What Are the Symptoms Of Leukemia

Leukemia is a form of cancer that affects the stem cells which are responsible for the production of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Stem cell is a cell which is found in bone marrow and replaces old blood cells with the new one. When a person is diagnosed with leukemia then his stem cells  produces anomalous white blood cells and are known as leukemia cells. As our white blood cells are responsible for resisting any contamination in the blood and when the white blood cells are affected then the body becomes prone to diseases.


Leukemia is of two types chronic and acute. Chronic leukemia spreads slowly whereas acute leukemia  spreads quickly. Symptoms also varies with the type of leukemia, where chronic leukemia patient will not show any  signs of  leukemia. The symptoms also depend on the population of leukemia cells and their location in the body. The symptoms of chronic leukemia are seen after 2-3 months and can be seen in routine blood test but patient’s body will not show any sign of leukemia.

Acute leukemia is much more deadlier as patients do not have much cure time. The body itself shows signs of leukemia such as sickness, vomiting, headaches, dizziness and sudden recognition of fever. Usually, a patient feel sick in the beginning and visit physicians.  Then they show other sign such as loss of body control and nausea. Soon, organ begin to degrade where leukemia cell population is dense. Usually, kidneys, lungs, heart, and testes began to wither and gradually stops functioning.

However, there are some general signs of both chronic and acute leukemia.

  • Sudden feeling of weakness which leads to fever and excess sweating at night.
  • Patient get tired easily and are not able to cope with any work. If the patient keeps on working then he or she will suddenly pass out anytime or have a complete black out for a moment.
  • Patient’s immune system will gradually diminish and he or she will become prone to infections of any kind.
  • Within 2 to 3 months patient will rapidly lose weight and signs of leukemia will be physically visible as blood cells will not be able to clot any cut or bruise.
  • Yes, bleeding in the form of bleeding gums and bruises will be physically visible in the form of purple patches and red spots.
  • Lymph nodes in the neck will swell along with liver and spleen and patient will feel discomfort in these regions.
  • All such signs will be followed by immense pain in the bones especially in the joints.

Do not worry if your body shows such symptoms but you must visit a doctor and go for some check ups.