What Are the Symptoms Of Malaria

The most common malaria symptom is the common flu with high fever or temperature. Generally malaria fever tends to rise and subside at regular intervals. However, it is always advisable not to ignore the symptoms of high fever as this could also lead to an immediate death.

Very often a fever fluctuation is accompanied with other mild to high symptoms like headaches, abdominal pains, body pains and shivering, diarrhea, weakness, cough fits, sweating, nausea, vomiting, enlarged spleen or liver, hypotension.

The outcome of many malaria symptoms may be experienced after a longer span of time. Thus, it also becomes highly significant to take an immediate medical treatment, no sooner the symptoms are observed by a person.  In case of severe malaria attack, you may feel increased drowsiness with low blood pressure, hemorrhage, shocks, coma and failure of vital organs like kidney or liver. Malaria can also re-occur despite of taking proper medication for a particular period of time. The symptoms are then repeated within the span of nine to fourteen days.

Normally all the malaria symptoms vary in proportion depending upon the infected plasmodium. Many people tend to dismiss or ignore the possible malaria symptoms by considering them as unimportant. This ignorance ultimately leads to severe malaria attack accompanied with coma or even sudden deaths.

The malaria parasites tend to increase at a faster speed within the blood stream of a person inflicted with a malaria attack. The parasites are further developed and reproduced at regular intervals. They enter the blood stream and infect several liver and blood corpuscle cells. Ultimately a person experiences high fever swings along with perspiration and shivers too. To the extreme the brain and kidney also tend to get severally damages leading to coma or delirium.

Certain malaria cases report the visibility of symptoms after a span of 12 months in a patient who is attacked by a mosquito. It is mainly due to the reason that the plasmodia remain substantially dormant in the liver organ of the human body for a longer period of time. The disease can then be evaluated only by flu or fever illness. Malaria malariae is one of the kinds of malaria disease that can make a man survive up to thirty years. It does not however cause any discomfort but may require an immediate treatment soon after it is diagnosed.

It is necessary to give a complete detail to your doctor regarding the places of your travels, the symptoms and possible causes of the malaria attack. Normally a person inflicted with malaria is given drugs that are based on therapy of combination drug called as ACTs or quinine.

Malaria is curable provided the symptoms are noticed in time and bought to the immediate notice of your doctor to get a timely and proper medical treatment.