What are the Symptoms of Pink Eye

Pink eye is an inflammation and irritation of the membrane covering the eye. As the name reveals, a person suffering from a pink eye will have pinkish colored eye accompanied with pain, irritation, swelling and tears too. As the pink eye disease progresses with time, its symptoms tend to worsen even further.

Some of the common symptoms of pink eye are:

Increased tearing: With the change in the color of an eye, a person might also experience excess tearing.  The tears are produced with an intension of offer additional relief and healing to the eyes.

Eye Inflammation: One of the most common and known symptom of a pink eye is the eye inflammation. The swelling might start from one eye and spread on to the other eye in case a person delays the treatment.

Blurred vision: The tearing and inflammation together can cause a blurred vision making it more difficult for a person to see or read almost anything. There is a considerable loss in the vision sharpness and inability to view even small images.

Eye redness: It is visible on the white of the inner eye or inner eyelid. The swelling can also cause a pinkish color of the eyes.

Itchy, scratchy eyes: The eye may become itchy and develop a scratchy sensation. It may feel like something is in the eye that can’t be removed. Although it may itch, rubbing the eye doesn’t usually bring relief. 

Eye discharge: There is also an outburst of a thin or heavy eye discharge forming a crust during the sleep at night thus, causing sticking of the eye in the morning hours.

Pain: Some people might also experience pain in the eyeball especially while putting a slight pressure on the body at the time of bending or standing up.

Fever: Pink eye is also accompanied with fever and many sleepless nights until the disease subsides with a proper treatment.

Sensitivity to Lights: People tend to become highly sensitive to bright lights especially in the morning hours. This is also medically termed as photophobia. Sensitivity to lights also causes intense eye tearing, pain and discomfort too.

Spread of Infection:  A one eye infection can easily spread on to the other eye by rubbing, washing or drying one eye subsequently with another eye.

Discomfort: Person inflicted with infection in both the eyes might experience greater discomfort, pain and irritation.

It is very important to determine the pink eye disease condition as some infections are non-contagious and other is contagious too. If a person experience one or many of the above symptoms, it would be advisable to get the infection medically treated in time so as to avoid further discomfort and pain.