What are the Symptoms of Stress

In today’s age, man’s life is full of frustrations, worries and deadlines which give rise to stress. A person can feel stressed due to excessive pressures, worries and anxieties which we face in our day to day life. It can be an inappropriate reaction to the causes responsible for stress. It does not only affect a person on mental level but also on physical level. Stress helps you to meet challenges so a little stress is important for ex it can save your life in emergency situations. But if it goes beyond a certain limit then it can prove to be harmful for the health, relationships of a person. Here are the most common symptoms which can be seen if a person is stressed:

Lack of energy: When you are stressed, lacks energy. They don’t feel like doing anything. The more you are stressed, the less motivated you will be and in turn you will lack energy. Trembling hands: this is one of the most common physical symptoms of stress. A depressed person can be found with trembling hands because of some fear or anxiety. If the underlying problem behind the stress is solved, hands will stop trembling. Unable to sleep properly: stress also affects sleep. Either the person who is stressed would not be able to sleep properly or he would be sleeping too much. He might face the problem of nightmares too. This problem will go on its own once the cause of stress will be solved. Irritation or frustration: stress makes a person full of irritation and frustration. He gets irritated on all petty things. You lose your patience easily and lose your temper soon. Isolation: a stressed person wants to stay isolated of all. He does not like to be with his friends or other people. He avoids being social. He wants to live in lonely world.

Headaches: Headache is another symptom of stress. It can turn into migraine and other mental problems.

Loss of appetite, guilt, fatigue, worrying, anger, moodiness, weeping, loss of motivation, loss of interest, churning stomach etc. are other symptoms of stress. We should try to reduce the stress in order to get rid of above problems. You can try meditation to reduce stress in your life. You can manage stress by taking care of yourself and taking proper rest and give time to yourself for relaxation. Maintaining a balance in your life can reduce the stress up to a large extent.

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