What are the Symptoms of Typhoid

Typhoid is a fever that is caused due to bacterium (Salmonella typhi). This bacterium lives only in humans. The bacterium carried in the bloodstream of the people with typhoid and intestinal tract. The fever is of uncertain duration and is infectious. The bacterium is transmitted in the body of the person from contaminated food and water and cause ulceration of the bowels. It can travel up to lymph nodes, gall bladder, liver, spleen and other parts of the body. It can also be caused due to poor hygiene. Flies contaminate the food with germs and when we eat that contaminated food might cause typhoid. It can last up to four to six weeks. This is mostly common with the people who eat meat and fleshy food. If the disease gets worse, the person may feel fever over 103 degrees and severe diarrhea. Typhoid is a serious disease and needs treatment immediately. Whenever you feel any of the symptoms listed below you should seek medical attention:

A persistent fever and person finds it difficult to sleep. The person loses appetite and does not eat much. He feels nausea and a feeling of vomiting every time. The person becomes very weak and feels tired. He becomes irritable and unreliable. Abdominal pain is a common symptom of typhoid. Some people may develop rashes that are called rose spots on their belly and chest. He may get bloody stools and nose bleeding. Severe headache is also one of the symptoms of typhoid. Considerable weight loss may be seen in the person suffering from typhoid. Abdominal tenderness and swelling can also be seen. Person starts feeling unstable and agitated. He might feel mentally disturbed all the time.

Other symptoms which can be seen in the person with typhoid are liver problems, anemia, slow heartbeat, enlarged liver, joint pains, thirst, sore throat, chills, blood changes, tongue changes etc. if the typhoid left untreated then person can get problems like arthritis, bronchitis, hepatitis and even it can lead to death of the person. All these symptoms are not the sure signs of typhoid. Sometimes it can be due to some other problem so doctor’s advice is always needed. Antibiotics are usually given to the person with typhoid and it is accompanied with some other problem then doctor will prescribe medication accordingly. you should take prevention measure in order to prevent typhoid as it is a dangerous disease and prevention is always better than cure.

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